Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Recharge TJECU CN900mini Toyota G Chip Token?

Post on TJECU CN900 Mini Toyota G chip token recharge procedure, before do this, you are required to login the official site to bind the device with serial number and active device.                                

Note:For more auto key programmer,pls visit this website:

1. Login your member on the cn900 mini official website, click” Personal Center”
Recharge TJECU CN900mini Toyota G Chip Token (1)

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Smart CN900 Mini vs. JMD Handy Baby

I’m puzzled with two auto key programmers in your OBD2 website – Handy baby and new CN900 mini. Seems similar to each other, so which one should i take?

UOBD2 customer service:
You can get differences with the chart below:
Function \ Product Handy Baby CN900 MINI
Brand/Manufacturer JMD TJECU
Copy 4D / 4C YES YES
Copy 72G YES YES
4D86 DST80 (Ford) YES NO
4D70 DST80 (Hyundai/ KIA) YES NO
Copy ID48 YES NO
After-sale service YES Yes
Tech support YES Yes
CE mark YES ?
Update online YES YES
Price US$359 US$189
Although Handy baby can copy more chips than CN900 Mini, Mini CN900 is less than half of price than Handy baby key programmer.

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Smart CN900 Mini Copy Mazda 4D63 Chip

CN900 Mini transponder key copy machine can directly program 4D, 4C, 46, G chips no need any other box, this blog will show you how to copy Mazda 4D63 Chip.

Tool used: Mini CN900 Key Programmer
Vehicle model: Mazda 3

Step 1.
Start CN900 Mini
Insert the original transponder key into the slot
Press ‘READ&COPY’ button on the menu.

CN900 Mini key programmer will automatically read out the key code and the key type is 63.
Notice: Don’t move the key away

Friday, August 18, 2017

How Solve CN900 Mini No Valid COM Port Found Error

Here are the proper causes and solutions to CN900 Mini key programmer “No valid com port is found” error.

I tried to update CN900 Mini key copy machine software to new v1.20. But when i connect to computer via USB, it prompted me error message “No valid COM port is found on the computer. Please check CN900-Mini’s power and usb cable”. What’s wrong?

Error causes:
1. You did not well connect CN900 Mini to computer
2. You did not power on the machine after well connect to computer
3.  You did not install mini cn900 driver.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

How To Solve CN900 Mini Cannot Write 4C Chip

Some user feedback that after updating CN900 Mini/ND900 Mini (MINI900) key copy machine firmware to, it failed to write 4C, decoding is OK.

Now we’ve got the solution.
TJECU Tech have developed original new CN1 copy 4C chip for CN900/ND900 mini. Do not use old CN1 to copy 4C.

CN900/ND900 Mini CN1 chip (Item# SA156-B), 5pcs/lot, US$27.99
(Note: CN1 copy 4C chip requires CN900/ND900 Mini firmware version newer than )

Saturday, August 12, 2017

CN900 Mini & ND900 Mini V5.18 Support 8A Smart Card All Key Lost

Good News!!!! CN900 Mini and ND900 Mini car key clone machine V5.18 software released!
Update Features:
TJECU MINI900 TOYO KEY OBD is newly confirmed to be able to write Toyota Smart card via OBD, it supports 3370-5290-A433-F433 types.
(Update notice: TJECU transponder key programmer next update plan is to initialize Toyota 0020 type of 8A smart card with all key lost).
How to update CN900 Mini key programmer to 5.18?
  1. Browse to CN900 Mini official website, register and download CN900_MINI_Updater_v5.18
  2. Delete previous updater file (updater v1.8 etc)
  3. Open the updater v5.18 setup.exe
  4. Click on Update button
  5. The main module of firmware is updating. Wait upgrade procedure complete.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

How to renew CN900 Mini Toyota G chip tokens ?

CN900 Mini key copy machine manual: how to add Toyota G chip tokens for auto key programming with CN900 Mini.

Site for mini cn900:
Site for CN900 mini G chip token service:
Site for G chip tokens recharge:

STEP 1. Login your member on the cn900 mini official website, click on ” Personal Center”.

Saturday, July 1, 2017

TJECU CN900 Mini: How-to instructions, update, comparison (all here)

1. Update:
CN900 Mini V5.18 Update:
TJECU MINI900 TOYOKEY OBD is newly confirmed to be able to write Toyota Smart card via OBD, it supports 3370-5290-A433-F433 types. 
(Update notice: TJECU next update plan is to initialize Toyota 0020 type of 8A smart card with all key lost) 

CN900 Mini 6 languages available:
Arabic, Portuguese, Japanese, Turkish, Russian, Spanish


CN900 mini will update to copy 48 chip



3. How-to instructions:

4. Video instructions:
ND900 CN900 Mini & TOYO OBDII Program Toyota 72G All Key Lost

ND900 Mini & TOYO OBDII Program Toyota G chip All key lost:

5. Comparison:

Mini CN900 and MINI ND900, which one is not original from TJECU Company?

Clone car keys, HANDY BABY CBAY OR CN900 MINI?

Friday, June 23, 2017

Jeep Wrangler Key Copy ID46 PCF7941 by CN900 Mini EASY

Good news for sharing: It's newly tested OK to clone Jeep Wrangler Key ID46 PCF7941 by CN900 Mini! New key chip used: CN3 ID46 Cloner Chip.

Steps are really easy as below!

(How-to) CN900 MINI Clone Jeep Wrangler ID46 Key Steps

Power on CN900 MINI Transponder Key Programmer.

Put the original Jeep Wrangler ID46 Key into the transponder area (the coil)

Click "READ&COPY" button on main menu.
It will read key ID, key type: crypto 46, crypto mode: 7941.
Click "DECODE" button to decode the original key and get full key information.

Then follow the instructions:

Insert the original key into car ignition and put CN900 MINI antenna close to the ignition.

Turn on then off car ignition for totally 5 times. (Turn on ignition, wait 3 seconds then turn it off.)
After that, insert the original key into CN900 MINI coil again, click "OK".

It will read this Jeep ID46 PCF7941 key full data as below:
Now insert the new key with CN3 ID46 Chip, click "COPY" and things done!

Mini CN900 copy Jeep Wrangler ID46 key with PCF7941 chip easily!
CN900 Mini $189 with Multilanguage resource here:

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

How to copy BMW F800GS Motorcycle ID46 key by CN900 MINI?

This blog will show you how easily to copy/clone a BMW F800GS Motorcycle ID46 key by using CN900 MINI Key Programmer? Its a cheaper solution for 4C 46 4D 48 G Chips than Handy Baby!

This is a BMW F800 GS blue, cool!

It comes with only one original key.

This is the new duplicated key needs to be programmed.

Guide: MINI CN900 clone PCF7936 ID46 key for BMW F800 GS 
Step 1: Put the original key into CN900 MINI transponder area, the coil as below, and click “READ©” button.

It read the key ID.

Step 2: Follow this instruction to decode the old key.

Insert the old key into ignition switch, put the CN900 MINI antenna close to the key and switch then turn ignition on and off.

It needs totally 5 times to collect data.

Step 3: After that, CN900 MINI decode BMW F800GS ID46 key successfully! Now it shows full key data.

Put the new key into the coil and click COPY button.

CN900 MINI successfully clones a new PCF7936 ID46 key for BMW F800 GS!

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