Wednesday, May 31, 2017

CN900 MINI copy Ford Focus 4D83 chip key

Good news for sharing! We newly tested it OK to decode and copy Ford Focus smart key 4D83 chip using CN900 MINI Key Programmer! Following are steps for your checking:
(CN900 MINI and ND900 MINI share same function and software, only the cases are different!)
1.Turn car ignition on with original key. Power up CN900 MINI and put the original key blade into the coil. Click “READ& COPY” icon on main menu.

2.CN900 MINI read out key data

3.Click “DECODE” to decode the original key. (Don’t move the key when decoding)

4.Decode successfully!

5.Put the new ID83 transponder chip (YS31 CN5 Chip for Toyota G and 4D chip) into the coil

6.Click “COPY” to copy this new chip. (Don’t move the chip when copying)

7.Put new chip close to car ignition lock cylinder and press car Start button. New chip is tested working!

P.S We also tested CN900 MINI Bluetooth OK to copy 4D63 key chip for Ford Focus!

Sunday, May 28, 2017

CN900 MINI update V1.20.2.15 to latest V1.23.2.15

This blog will show you how to update CN900 MINI Key Programmer V1.20.2.15 to latest firmware V1.23.2.15. Follow below steps to update your CN900 MINI now!

First you need to download the latest V1.23.2.15 firmware updater from official website
File download requires you to login in your account.
And connect MINI CN900 device with laptop via USB cable one end to below slot:

Next you run V1.23.2.15 firmware updater named “CN900-MINI-V2.4”.
Click “Connect” and CN900-MINI is connected. (When update laptop needs net connection)

Then you click “Update” and wait it download data.

After that it will automatically update firmware.

Wait the process complete to 100%.

And then MINI CN900 will reboot.
Now MINI CN900 firmware V1.20.2.15 update to latest V1.23.2.15 done!

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

ND900 Mini Test Report

ND900 Mini Car Transponder Key Programmer finally rolls out in UOBDII.COM

Both ND900 Mini and CN900 Mini car key chip copy machine are manufactured by TJECU. company. They share the same function, differ in case. Mini CN900 is now accept booking. ND900 Mini is available.

ND900 Mini key programmer improve features:
1. Can directly copy 4C and other chips like Toyota 4d67.
2. Support copy 4D chips.
3. Can recognize locked ID48 and can unlock ID48.
4. Support copy 46 chips.
5. Toyota G Chips Clone.
Does not need 4D,ID46,G box to connect.

Mini ND900 transponder Programmer Functions:
Function 1:
1) Read out the chip code for 11 12 13 33 T5  40 41 42 44 45 46 48 4C 4D 8C and 8E chips. With the detail format for ID 48 and 4D Chips.
2) New identify functions for Toyota “G ” chip key  (year: 2010) (Chip: 4D-72).
And it will show if the key is the main key or the vice key for Toyota, and later will add new identify function for the Chinese Car.
Function 2:
It can identify Toyota smart key, and read out the data.
Function 3:
It supports on copying the chips (11 12 13 33 T5 41 and 42) and parts of 44 and 45.
Using “FREE ” dedicated chips can copy none battery 4C and 4D chips directly.(Remark :cn1(4C),cn2(4D) is the name of  special chip)
Function 4:
Connecting with Chinese PC software, it can save the read key code data unlimited.
Function 5:
Support on the chip programming: with the inner function of HITAGETI, it can write ID 46 Renault Crypto chips.
Function 6:
Without removing the ECU (Benz W140), it can start the chip.
Function 7:
It can unlock the 48 chips except the crypto lock 48 chips.
Function 8:
Support on the pin code calculating for Hyundai and Kia (before 07 year), by using the Last 6 Codes of VIN Number.
Function 9:
Support on starting the key and calculating the pin code for more than 60 kinds of cars.
Support on programming all kind of Fiat key, such as (11, 13 and 33), These 3 kinds of 48 chips anti-theft way.
Function 10:
It Upgrade to identify HONDA_46 CRV_46/CIVIC_46/ Mitsubishi 46
Ordinary 60 can be programmed to be 66/67/68/71/74
Function 11:
It Upgrade to copy CN1 (4C), CN2 (4D) chip .And size is 6mmX12mmX4mm
Support on the software update, such as adding new function for copying the induction card for Electronic Gate.
Function 12:
Can copy all ID46 chip:
BMW 46 chip,ACURA 46 chips,Honda CRV  FIT(NEW)  Accord(2008) Civic 46 chips;Mazda haima 46 chips;Mitsubishi 46 chips;Buick GMC CRUZE 46  chip. New Chery tiggo A3 46  chips; Nissan TIIDA TENNA LIVINA Sylphy  Nissan QASHQAI Q35 46 chip. Brilliance 46 chip.Peugeot/Citroen 307  206 -46 chips;Triumph  Senna 406 (2001year);Picasso 46 chip.Suzuki swifts  SX4  46 chip.Land Rover FREELANDER 46 chip. Geely dedicated 46 chip.
Function 13:
can copy 4D chip
Function 14:
Toyota G Chips Cloner

ND900 Mini key copy machine test image display:

ND900 copy 48-A4 car key chip

MINI ND900 Menu display

Copy Nissan 46 chip OK

Generate 72-smart key
ND900 Mini  test key frequency

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Smart CN900 Mini & CN900 ,which one is better?

CN900 Mini/ND900 Mini transponder key programmer is accept booking now. What’s difference between CN900 and Mini CN900 (ND900 vs. Mini ND900)

  1. ND900 is the China version CN900 car key copy machine. They perform same functions, differ in outlook. (PS, they use different 4D, 46 cloner box when copy 4D/46 chip).  So Mini versionCN900 is aboard version and mini nd900 is domestic version instead.
  2. CN900 mini inherited most of CN900’s feature but mini one make car key copy more easierwithout connecting with 4D,46,G Decoder Cloner Box.
  3. Mini CN900 comes with built-in battery, do not need to attached to the power adapter.
  4. CN900 Mini support WiFi,Bluetooth and internet connection. The big size one do not support.
  5. CN900/ND900 Mini will replace big CN900 in the near feature.

Monday, May 15, 2017

CN900 Mini Updater V1.9 Free Download

CN900 Mini Transponder Key Programmer firmware has newly update to V1.13. This is the instruction on how to update MINI CN900.

CN900 Mini English v1.13 update feature:
* ADD: Detect 8A chips (Toyota H) and distinguish between master and vice
* ADD: Toyota Smart Key renew
* bug fixes: T5-20 copy 11, 12, 13, 33
* bug fixes: 42 copy and blank PCF7935 copy 42 support

Renew Toyota smart key

How to update MINI CN900 key programmer firmware to version 1.1.3?
  1. Browse to CN900 Mini official website, register and download CN900_MINI_Updater_v1.9
  2. Or you can directly download updater v1.9 here
  3. Delete previous updater file (updater v1.8 etc)
  4. Open the updater v1.9 setup.exe
  5. Click on Update button
  6. The main module of firmware is updating. Wait upgrade procedure complete.

Mini CN900 Key Copy Machine Highlights:
Copy 4C chips, 4D chips,46 chips,72G chip (4D and Toyota G copy via CN5 chip)
Recognize locked ID48 and can unlock ID48
Perfect replacement of CN900, no need connect with decoders to copy 4D,4C,46,G chips
RFID identify 125KHZ  134.2KHZ  13MHZ
RF data reception 27-900MHZ
RF radio frequency identification,support all kinds of remote controls
RF Data transmission, supports all kinds of remote control simulation test
Various types of vehicle anti-the fault detection, matching detection
Portable Super long standby
Supports 4 kinds of frequency 850/900/1800/1900MHZ
Comes with card slot.

FYI: ND900 Mini  key programmer update to V1.13 as well

Mini ND900 V1.3 update feature:
1.Unlock Toyota smart card function
2.Recognize Toyota 8A primary and master key
3.Blank PCF7935 copy 42 chip
4.Stand-alone copy, without connecting with network
 Please download and update on official website:

Friday, May 12, 2017

CN900 Mini to Program Toyota G All Keys Lost

CN900 Mini comes with no additional connector. CN900 Mini can connect with TOYO Key OBDII key pro via Bluetooth to program Toyota G type immo all keys lost.

TOYO Key OBDII connect with cn900 mini via Bluetooth, and operate on cn900mini screen.
They are able to do:
1.TOY-G(80BIT) all key lost,write chips!
2.TOY-8A(128BIT) all key lost, write chips!
3.TOY-smart card all key lost, write chips!
4.DAI-G(80BIT) all key lost, write chips!
5.No need to take out instrument desk!
To avoid damaging the car system.

Before programming Toyota G all keys lost, you need to activate and register TOYO Key OBDII with CN900 Mini.

How to activate CN900 Mini to work with TOYO Key OBDII to do G all key lost?

Activate the CN900 Mini with G all keys lost authorization:

Step 1: Run Upgrade.
Connect CN900 Mini with laptop and update software to latest version (current )
(Note: If you fail to update to latest version, disconnect and re-connect to update till success)

Power on CN900
Select OBDII Comm (Communication) on main menu

Step 2:
Select 72G IMMO Reset

CN900 Mini will require to enter activation code

Please follow these steps:
After you receive the TOYO KEY OBD2, take a full photo screenshot of the activation interface
Send your photo to our customer service. Our engineer will register the OBD with CN900mini for you.
Then customer service will send you the activation code to activate it.

An activation code can only applied to only one CN900 MINI machine and can be activated for once only. Cannot work with more other CN900 machines. Do follow above tips to register CN900 Mini. If you do not follow these guides to register, we are not hold the responsibility if you damage your machine, freight and maintenance costs are on your account.

After you activate it, you can connect OBD and Mini CN900 via Bluetooth to program new keys,  here 4 steps to follow:
Step 1, Program new key then turn on ignition, then plug TOYO Key OBD2 into the car.
Step 2, Use the option 72G of CN900 MINI to connect, then start to initialize data, the immo indicator is on for a long time, then follow the CN900Mini prompt to operate.
Step 3, It will prompt “Complete/ Success”, and then the Immo indicator is on for a long time.
Step 4: Turn on and off ignition for 5 times quickly, immo indicator is off.


Monday, May 8, 2017

Smart CN900 Mini & ND900 Mini Chip List

Locksmith feedback that after updating CN900 Mini/ND900 Mini (TJECU MINI900) key copy machine firmware to, it failed to write 4C, decoding is OK.

Now OBD2 engineer has got the solution.
TJECU Tech have developed original new CN1 copy 4C chip for CN900/ND900 mini. Do not use old CN1 to copy 4C.

CN900/ND900 Mini CN1 chip (Item# SA156-B), 5pcs/lot, US$27.99
(Note: CN1 copy 4C chip requires CN900/ND900 Mini firmware version newer than )

Mini CN900/ND900 chip list:
Firmware or older:
Item# SA156 old CN1 Copy 4C Chip 5pcs/lot,US$19.99
Item# SA157 CN2 Copy 4D Chip 5pcs/lot, US$19.99
Item# SA1233 YS-01 Chip Copy 4C 5pcs/lot, US$19.99
Item# SA1492-B ID46 Chip for handy baby/cn900/nd900 mini 5pcs/lot, US$30.99

Firmware newer than
Item# SA156-B: TJECU CN1 Copy 4C Chip 5pcs/lot, US$27.99

Fit all firmware versions:
Item# SA1506: YS31 CN5 copy Toyota D and G Chip 5pcs/lotUS$33.99 (be erased and rewritten, can be used for many times)

Friday, May 5, 2017

CN900 MINI copy Mitsubishi Lancer ID46 key success case

In this blog we are going to copy 2012 Mitsubishi Lancer ID46 key using CN900 MINI key programmer! (It’s also OK to use ND900 MINI) 

CN900 MINI clone ID46 key Mitsubishi Lancer easy steps
First, put the original working key into CN900 MINI transponder area, the coil as below, and click “READ&COPY” icon.

CN900 MINI read the original ID46 key data P1, P2, P3:

To read complete key data, so follow the instruction:
Insert the original key into ignition switch, put CN900 MINI’s antenna close to the switch then turn ignition on and off for 5 times.

And read key data for totally 5 times. After that, CN900 MINI read full ID46 key data.

Put the new ID46 key into CN900 MINI coil and click “COPY” button.

Now CN900 MINI clone Mitsubishi Lancer ID46 key OK! New key start car successfully!