Sunday, August 20, 2017

Smart CN900 Mini Copy Mazda 4D63 Chip

CN900 Mini transponder key copy machine can directly program 4D, 4C, 46, G chips no need any other box, this blog will show you how to copy Mazda 4D63 Chip.

Tool used: Mini CN900 Key Programmer
Vehicle model: Mazda 3

Step 1.
Start CN900 Mini
Insert the original transponder key into the slot
Press ‘READ&COPY’ button on the menu.

CN900 Mini key programmer will automatically read out the key code and the key type is 63.
Notice: Don’t move the key away

Step 2.
Press the ‘DECODE’ button (Do not move the key)
Waiting… decoded successfully.

Step 3.
Remove the original key and put the new 4D63 chip into the upper small slot and press the “COPY” button.

Verify Data and then “success”.

Done! Mini CN900 copy 4D63 chip for Mazda 3 successfully only in 3 steps!


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  2. Hi, Just bought my CN900mini and tried to copy transponder chipon orig key for my Mazda3 2012. I was able to decode the orig key but getting error copying it. The problem is, my original key now does not start my Mazda3. The key indicator on dashboard blinks rapidly. It seems i destroyed my original key transponder? will still be able to recover the original key and make the car start again.? please help

    1. try to make a diagnostic to the car.